The 5 Why’s in Variable Life Insurance that Filipino Millennials Need to Know

Adult life is like sailing on the ocean. A vast array and breadth of wonderful opportunities vis a vis the adventure story you’ll create makes it full with excitement especially for the possible things that we can do. Yet, we do know that this same feeling may also turn into sorrow easily as storms keep on passing by.

That is why we probably opt not to sail on the ocean of life too far by taking things slowly like still living with or near our parents, until we feel confident about our savings. Or perhaps we are the aggressive type: living wild and free, sailing wherever the wind takes us. Nonetheless, whatever we do, having a Variable Life Insurance should be one of the things we must have to attain a better future, and here are the five reasons why:

  1. As Life Insurance, it’s the ultimate form of protection we will need!  If we are one of those who believes that life insurance is a fraud or a “too good to be true” product, then it’s now time to change this mindset. Surely at least once in our lifetime, we already glanced the thought of what might happen to our family when we die. This is the question that only life insurance can answer. The main purpose of life insurance is to protect our family. Instead of continuously letting the idea sit at the back of our head and saying “bahala na”  and gambling on their future, we better assure our self and our family that we got them covered! Life insurance is peace of mind.
  2. Having Accident and Health Insurance as part of it, becomes the very answer to our health care needs! – We may say that we have a health card from your company or say that we have a PhilHealth coverage and other kinds of benefits from the Government. All of these are goodyet not enough. It will not be enough in case of accidents or if we get diagnosed of cancer, suffer stroke or heart attack. Hence, if we really want a proper medication and treatment which in our country means going to one of the best hospitals and spending a lot of money, we really need to reconsider if our Phil health is going to be enough.
  3. Being linked to a Managed Fund, VUL allows us to earn a reasonable interest for our savings! Yes, as an investment, it has its investment risks. However, this allows us to own shares of stocks or bonds that makes the interest more substantial than putting it in a bank for 5 or 10 years. With a VUL, we can even invest in the international stock market for a small amount of money!
  4. Ultimately makes saving much more be better because we know we have a retirement fund we can count on in the future! –  If we will opt to commit in a VUL, we are essentially creating a regular savings program.  Our investment in 5 or 10 years if not touched until age 50 or 60 will create a huge retirement fund. This if properly monitored with your financial advisor will ensure a truly happy future for us and for our loved ones. Remember, because it has life, health, and accident insurances, we surely can have a carefree golden year knowing that we did not just secure our future retirement, but the future of our family as well!
  5. As they say “the early bird catches the worm”, so now is the best time! – The two most important factors we need to know is that we will never be any younger as we are now and as much healthier as we are today. As a millennial, these are the advantages that we have which makes the variable insurance more affordable. We may not know it, but we do have the power to make time work for us! This allows us reap the best benefit as soon as possible, allowing us to achieve the four main reasons why we save and for me those are: to earn more, have a secured life, help our family, and enjoy life to the fullest! Talk about hitting four birds in one stone!
As they say, Y.O.L.O! So what are you waiting for? Try to contact a financial advisor now and let them help you start sailing in the ocean of life confidently!

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