Step by Step Guide on Becoming A Financial And Insurance Advisor

Being a financial advisor is no easy task. It is a career that can be sometimes looked down upon by some people as merely a sales job. Sometimes this job causes you to be rejected among friends.

However, this job is also one of the highest paying jobs. Further, financial advisors now are very investment savvy and know a lot of stocks, bonds and more. Clearly being a financial advisor now is more than just selling.

If you want to become a financial advisor follow the following steps:

1. Select an financial advisor team that you would like to join.

In choosing the right group to join, consider the following:
-competent leaders that you can be proud of
-great support system
-the team develops tools and processes that will help you grow
-the team is able adopting a strong digital strategy = meaning the team is investing in tools, websites, applications, strategies, trainings to help the agents thrive even in the new normal (aside from what the insurance company is providing)

2. Contact the team and schedule an orientation

Don’t worry these orientations usually require no commitment to join, just mention that you are exploring the career.

3. Start reviewing for the licensure exam for financial advisors.

Most teams have monthly classes for the review. In our team, we have online exam reviews as well as face to face classroom reviews. To check our online reviewer visit our eUniversity here. Those who take our eUniversity online review and coaching sessions usually pass the licensure exam with good grades. Don’t worry it is not as hard as it looks.

4. While reviewing, start preparing for the documentary requirements for the licensure exam.

These are simple requirements like preparing your ID pictures, Proof of SSS Number and TIN number.

5. Take the examination​ of the Insurance Commission. This is usually done during the weekend. Examination is just a multiple choice and it is not as hard as it looks.

6. If you pass the exam, ask your team leader on the next steps. Join the trainings of the company and the trainings of your team.

7. To fast track your growth, do online trainings while waiting for the classroom trainings.

If you are considering to become a financial advisor, give it a try. Who knows this might be your calling in life.

The first step to becoming a financial advisor is to know if you are fit to become a financial advisor.

Next Step: Take This Quiz To Know If You Are Fit To Become A Financial Advisor


  1. I want to join and learn more about insurance services..

    • Thanks for your interest. Kindly visit this link so we can get in touch with you for an orientation so you will know more about our team and about the career of being a financial avisor.

  2. In am interested to be part of your company of your team..

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