Qualifications and Requirements to become Financial Advisor and Insurance Agent

For the purposes of this discussion we will show the requirements for financial advisors and insurance agents here in the Philippines. Since the income of financial advisors here in the Philippines requires that you sell financial products like insurance and investments and earn through commissions, financial advisors require both IQ and EQ.

In the Philippines, financial advisors are not paid consultancy fees for their financial advise. The market for individuals who pay consultancy fees for financial advise in the Philippines is very small. Most Filipinos still prefer to get free financial advise and so Filipinos usually prefer commission based financial advisors.

So here are the requirements for financial advisors in the Philippines:


  1. Must be at least 18 years old
  2. Must have taken the trainings and exam from the Insurance Company of their choice. We at Team Aetos are affiliated with Insular Life because it is a great Filipino Company and we love Filipino brands.
  3. Must pass the insurance exam by the Insurance Commission


As you can see, the requirements do not require you to be a business/finance graduate or even be a college graduate at all.


The list below is an acronym of AETOS because these are the qualities we are looking for financial advisors who join our team. Remember this job is both a sales job and consultancy job all in one. Meaning, you find what your clients needs and wants and then sell the product to them. Therefore we want applicants who are achievers, enthusiastic, trustworthy, outstanding and smart.

These are the characteristics of financial advisors we are looking for in Team Aetos:


If you are considering to become a financial advisor, give it a try. Who knows this might be your calling in life.

The first step to becoming a financial advisor is to know if you are fit to become a financial advisor.

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