Only P13/day – New Emergency Health Card (HMO) for Virus, Bacteria, Accident with Life Insurance by InLife

What if you get hospitalized due to a virus, or bacteria or accident? What if suddenly something happens to you?

These are some of the questions that most people ask especially now that there are many illnesses and viruses lurking around us.

Thus, Insular Life true to it’s mission of helping people by providing quality and affordable health insurance benefits created I-Shield All In-Plan.

The benefits of this product are:
1. It is a one year commitment plan meaning if you do not like to renew next year, you don’t have to renew
2. It is very affordable for as low as P4,750 per year or P13 pesos for day for the lowest plan

With the I-Shield All In-Plan you get the following benefits:

  1. Death Benefit for your family if you die
  2. Daily Hospital Allowance for every day you are hospitalized
  3. Amputation Benefits for each limb (arms, legs, eyes)
  4. Emergency Hospitalization Benefit up to P100,000 (one time use per year)

Here are the complete details of the plan:

1. What does EMERGENCY HOSPITALIZATION portion of I-Shield All In Plan cover?
With a Php 100,000 benefit limit, I-Shield All In Plan covers emergency cases due to accidents and viral and bacterial illnesses. It covers expenses on outpatient and inpatient emergency care, room and board, diagnostic procedures as medically necessary during confinement, medicines as medically necessary during confinement, use of operating room, recovery room, and ICU diagnostic procedures, as medically necessary.

2. What are considered emergency cases and accidents? 
An emergency case is a sudden, unexpected onset of illness or injury having the potential of causing immediate disability or death, or requires the immediate alleviation of severe pain and discomfort. 

Accident means a visible, external, sudden and violent event occasioned by a physical or natural cause and occurring entirely beyond the Members’ control causing damage to the health of the Member. 

I-Shield All In Plan covers accidents that include, but are not limited to:
     ● Accidents, excluding Cerebrovascular (Stroke) 
     ● Fracture, new
     ● Burns, new
     ● New animal bites, including first dose of vaccines 
     ● Cuts, new, needing suturing
     ● Sports injuries, contact and noncontact sports, excluding professional sports and high-risk sports
     ● Accidental chemical poisoning 

I-Shield All In Plan covers diseases that include, but are not limited to:
     ● Acute Bronchitis 
     ● Acute gastroenteritis with dehydration
     ● Acute tonsillopharyngitis with moderate dehydration
     ● Acute Sinusitis
     ● Acute tonsillopharyngitis 
     ● Acute Upper Respiratory Tract Infection
     ● Amoebiasis
     ● Cellulitis
     ● Dengue Fever
     ● Acute Pneumonia
     ● Typhoid Fever
     ● Urinary Tract Infection
     ● SVI (systemic viral infection) with fever
     ● Measles with high-grade fever
     ● Chicken pox with complications
     ● Leptospirosis
     ● Polio
     ● Cholera
     ● Diphtheria
     ● Pertussis
     ● Tetanus
     ● Rabies
     ● Meningitis
     ● Chikungunya
     ● Malaria
     ● Anaphylactic Shock
     ● Acute Appendicitis
     ● Acute Gastritis

A Member’s eligibility to emergency care benefits under the Plan Agreement shall be based on the final medical diagnosis.

3. Who is qualified for I-Shield All In Plan?
Adults, 18 to 60 years old, can get I-Shield All In Plan and register as a Member.

4. When can I start using I-Shield All In Plan?
From the day you register (“registration date”), the health voucher will be activated after ten (10) calendar days. Your health voucher is valid for 12 months or up until used which ever comes first.

Example: Registration date is Day 0. If you register on August 1, your health voucher will be activated on August 12. It will then be valid from August 12, 2018 to August 11, 2019 or up until used which ever comes first.

5. What are the special modalities covered by I-Shield All In Plan?
Special Modalities as medically needed subject to Php 5,000 sublimit:
     ● Laparoscopic procedures 
     ● Magnetic Resonance Angiography
     ● Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
     ● Computerized Tomography (CT) Scans
     ● Endoscopic Procedures (Therapeutic)
     ● Pain Management
     ● Arthroscopic Procedures, Orthopedic Arthroscopy
     ● Other medically necessary modalities not mentioned above and those for which there are no comparable, conventional or traditional counterparts

6. Is PhilHealth coverage needed to I-Shield All In Plan?
Yes. Once there is an admission, PhilHealth coverage is required since it also covers inpatient care. However, for those who do not have PhilHealth coverage, one may just pay the PhilHealth portion of the hospital bill before discharge.

7. If I already have an existing Insular Health Care plan with emergency care benefits, can I still register for I-Shield All In Plan?
No. You cannot register for I-Shield All In Plan if you are already enrolled in IHC’s other health care programs with emergency care coverage, even if your total benefit limit has already been consumed.

8. Can I transfer I-Shield All In Plan to another person? 
No. The insured must be the same person for the 12 month period.

9. I-Shield All In Plan in hospitals not on the health voucher’s provider list? 
No. Services can only be availed in IHC-accredited hospitals and clinics. 

10. What conditions are not covered by I-Shield All In Plan?
Non-emergency and pre-existing conditions, congenital and maternity-related conditions, and other conditions under IHC’s General Exclusions list are not covered by this product.

An illness or condition is considered pre-existing if, prior to effective date of coverage:
     (a) Any professional advice or treatment was given for such illness or condition;
     (b) Such illness or condition was in any way already known to the Member; or
     (c) The pathogenesis of such illness or condition had already started (of which the Member may not be aware of).

Non-coverable accidents include, but are not limited to: self-inflicted injuries; injuries from professional sports and high-risk sports; injuries or illnesses due to military, paramilitary, or police service; injuries from high risk activities or suffered under conditions of war; and accidents that are secondary to or contracted due to degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease.

This Insurance Plan is brought to you by Insular Life, the Top 2 Life Insurance Company in the Philippines in Terms of Net Worth.

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