Aetos awarded Top 1 Agency in Insular Life During ECQ

Just recently during the Town Hall Meeting of Insular Life held May 15, 2020 we received news that Aetos FPH Insurance Agency has been awarded as the Top 1 Agency Nationwide in terms of number of policies sold during the ECQ period.

This is a very welcome award as a lot of Aetos Financial Advisors have been tirelessly seeking out people to help insure against death, sickness and even increase their retirement and investment programs especially when the stock market is down. This award greatly motivates the existing financial advisors and leaders who continually seek to help people be financially secured during the COVID pandemic.

Once again, congratulations to Aetos FPH for being the Top 1 InLife team in terms of individuals helped this ECQ, Nationwide!

Congratulations to our advisors who tirelessly encourage clients to be financially healthy this ECQ.

Congratulations to our mentors who continually encourage and help the advisors persist and succeed.

Congratulations to our career coaches for the continuous zoom meetings.

Congratulations to our back office support staff who though not seen, continually make our operations smooth and ready for the future that lies ahead.


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